If you are looking for a professional EMF inspection service in Edmonton or Kelowna, search no further! Our EMF Detective will take a step back and work with you to look at all of the angles of exposure with an unbiased approach so you can rest easy. All services are flat rate with no hidden fees whatsoever.

Hiring an EMF Detective is a great way to ensure you are looking at all of the possible sources and solutions to your potential EMF exposure.

EMF Inspections start at only $100.00 and range up to $285.00 for a large two-story home with basement. Contact us today using the form below if you would like a quote.

Rates for places of business can vary greatly. Contact us today using the form below for your personalized quote.

Your EMF Inspection includes;

  • An on-site evaluation of EMF & RF exposure potential
  • A report detailing levels, locations and potential sources of EMF / RF radiation
  • Suggestions on how to mitigate, or even eliminate, detected radiation
  • Affordable follow-up inspections

Thanks for your interest! There are currently no available bookings. Contact us using the form below to be added to the waiting list. We will contact you as soon as a date is available for you. Please note in your email if you would like your appointment booked in advance or if you are open to taking a cancellation on short notice.

Just can’t wait, or would prefer to perform your own evaluation? These free articles will get you started. Arm yourself with knowledge! Take a look at our affiliate shop for tons of gear for EMF and RF detection and protection, including EMF meters! Don’t sit idly by – Take action!