EMF Protection – Educate, Mitigate, Fight Back.

With the blatant oversights by the governments of the world regarding EMF protection and health concerns, the ball is in our court. As such, I’ve coined a new acronym out of the initialism EMF. E = Educate, M = Mitigate, F = Fight Back!

Let’s not get caught up debating whether or not my new definition of EMF is an acronym or just another initialism… instead let’s focus on the words EMF now represents to an informed populace.


Education is the most important first step towards making progress in anything. Whether it be health, nutrition, driving a car, building a house – information and knowledge is always the foundation for success. So too with EMF & RF protection.

Let’s start with the basics. EMF traditionally stands for ‘electromagnetic frequency’. RF stands for ‘radio frequency’. EM & R frequencies travel in waves, which is why they are both referred to as frequencies.

Sources of EMF’s and RF’s include, but are not limited to;

  • Cell phones / smartphones
  • WiFi routers
  • EMF / RF transmission & receiving towers (commonly referred to as “cell towers”)
  • “Smart” meters (electrical, water, gas meters on your home)
  • Power lines
  • Wireless devices
  • Cordless phones
  • “Smart” appliances
  • Computers & TV’s

The list is long and ever expanding. This increased, and what is to become 24/7 inescapable, exposure is what many scientists, doctors, tech. experts and average people are concerned about. Should we not be aware of the effects of something we are about to submerge our global culture into?

Some important points to research are;

  • Have any negative effects been shown in studies of EMF / RF exposure?
  • If so, are the sources credible? (Are they qualified in their field, doing thorough research, do they stand to gain monetarily?)
  • Do low frequency waves effect the human body?
  • Do high frequency waves effect the human body?
  • What are the “safe” levels of exposure in my country?
  • Have negative effects from EMF / RF radiation been shown from exposure levels at, or below, my country’s safety standards?

The facts will astound you. To assist in your research, our information page is an ever expanding resource linked to many independent sources. Step up your game. Although the technical jargon may seem daunting, this topic is not above understanding for most who can read.


Mitigation is basically reducing the strength, intensity or force of something. Mitigation is key in reducing the impact that EMF & RF radiation will have on yourself and your loved ones. Many of the most effective ways to mitigate your exposure are covered in my article ‘ EMF & RF Protection – At No Cost ‘.

5G infrastructure is currently being installed with the goal of global coverage. Speak with your dollar. Thwart the progress of 5G and reach of EMF radiation by boycotting “smart” and wireless tech.

Several EMF protection products are becoming available. From house paint to ball-caps, emf protection products are diverse and shown to be effective. Check out our affiliate store for some product suggestions. Your click-through supports great companies and articles like this!

Fight Back

The power is always with the people. Take the two steps listed above, make some good choices and spread the word! Scientist and doctors all over the world are standing up. Check out emfscientist.org. Will we back the people that have humanities best interest in mind, or will we ignorantly submit to corrupt governments and corporations?

  • Educate youself
  • Speak up and speak out
  • Boycott “smart” and wireless tech.
  • Check out The InPower Movement
  • Do not work jobs installing 5G infrastructure
  • Support companies and products that counter EMF & RF exposure

We have not even begun to cover the lack of privacy and other ramifications related to 5G and IoT. The health effects are grounds enough for concern. Our lives are at risk.

EMF. Educate. Mitigate. Fight Back.

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