EMF & RF Protection – At No Cost

EMF & RF protection and mitigation does not have to be expensive, difficult or inconvenient. In fact, you may find that reducing your exposure takes little effort, results in more Freedom and may even save you some duckets!

In this article I will review the most effective no-cost ways to mitigate, or even eliminate, EMF & RF exposure.

Turn off the WiFi

The use of WiFi results in constant exposure to radiation. Using wired connections is hardly an inconvenience and you will find wiring up pushes you towards using more suitable devices for the task, e.g. using your desktop to browse the internet rather than your tiny phone screen.

It is important to realize that just because you have plugged an Ethernet cable into your modem this does not mean the WiFi is off. You must go into your router settings and turn the WiFi off manually. Be careful, there may be more than one setting to turn off. Mine was transmitting at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Each of these had to be switched off individually.

For instructions on how to turn off the WiFi on your specific router, check your manual or do a Duck Duck Go search for your make/model.

Be smart about your phone

I just recently posted a great article on the risks of cell phone radiation. Check it out here. Manufacturers of smart phones and the FDA recommend keeping your phone 10 – 25 mm away from your body. In other words: The safe way to use your smart phone is to do so without touching it at all, ever. This is coming from the donkey’s mouth, not me. All I do is report what I find presented by credible sources.

I highly recommend getting a low-radiation cell phone. They are easy to find and very cheap. This is similar to the ones we picked up:

If getting rid of your smart phone is not an option, do your best to implement the following;

  • Turn your WiFi and GPS off unless absolutely necessary
  • Delete unnecessary apps that transmit/receive signals
  • Never keep your phone on your person
  • Always use speaker phone or text
  • Do not handle your phone while it is transmitting / receiving
  • Turn off your phone and take the battery out when not using or sleeping

Go wired

We’ve already shut off our WiFi, have we thought about our wireless mouse, keyboards and headsets? Is the radiation really worth it on these devices? After all, it’s not likely you’re using your mouse from another room or your keyboard for your PC from your back yard. Why are we using wireless for tech that requires us to remain within a distance that it is not necessary? Wire it up!

Reduce Dirty Electricity

“Dirty Electricity” is a term referring to electric and magnetic fields caused by devices feeding off of your regular household AC current that must manipulate this current in some way prior to use. Almost every device or appliance we use either converts the power to DC, only uses power intermittently, changes the frequency of the AC being used, or a combination of these. Dirty electricity can also be transmitted by power lines and other sources not directly in your control.

The resulting buildups and surges of electricity cause voltage transients and erratically fluctuating electromagnetic fields. This radiation can produce various effects on the human body and psyche – which are especially apparent in people who could be classified as ‘electrosensitive’.

You can reduce your potential EMF exposure from dirty electricity fields by doing the following;

  • Unplug devices, and even whole power bars, when appliances are not in use
  • Do not use dimmer switches
  • Turn lights off in rooms when not in use and do not have lights on during day-light hours
  • Do not use electric blankets or heat pads
  • Turn off whole circuit breakers that are not in use
  • Try not to use CFL’s and fluorescent lights
  • Switch to LED’s for home lighting (Do your research, some produce much less radiation than others)

I will admit, switching your bulbs out may cost you a little money. Although, if you do it over time as you need new bulbs, it is not really an “extra” expense.

Not so smart devices

A smart toaster… really? Do we need to be able to adjust our thermostat in Canada from the beach in Mexico? Aside from constantly radiating you and your family, the convenience of these devices will be short lived once tied into the IoT.

Imagine a utilities company being able to restrict the times in which you are allowed to do laundry. How about turning your thermostat up only to watch it drop back down 2 degrees to the allowable maximum temperature.

“This guy’s a conspiracy theorist…” Ida Auken, a member of the Danish parliament predicts that you won’t even own a thermostat to turn down. Check out her article ‘Welcome to 2030. I own nothing, have no privacy, and life has never been better‘.

Welcome to the year 2030. Welcome to my city – or should I say, “our city”. I don’t own anything. I don’t own a car. I don’t own a house. I don’t own any appliances or any clothes.

Ida Auken

Sounds amazing.

Take EMF & RF protection into your own hands

Most of the suggestions above will save you money and increase your standard of living in conjunction with reducing your exposure to radiation. The time has come to take our Freedom and safety into our own hands. Be sure to share this info with everyone you can. Check out our Information page for more educational resources.

There are several products coming out in recognition of the need to mitigate EMF & RF frequencies. Check out our affiliate store for some great suggestions. Your click through not only helps your family and supports companies who have the safety of humanity in mind, it also supports the work here at EMF Detective.ca. Thanks!

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