5G Health Risks

5G health risks are many and have been proven in scientific studies. Get your facts straight and research some of these effects yourself. The technical jargon in some of these reports may seem daunting. Most of the important stuff is easy enough to understand with a couple of Duck Duck Go searches.

Emfdetective.ca’s Information page is full of useful articles and I will be listing some useful links at the end of this one. Over 240 scientists from 42 nations have started a formal appeal for better health regulations related to EMF exposure. You can view their petition and more info at emfscientist.org.

Some of the 5G health risks

“There is much high-quality research showing bio-physiological effects from permitted electromagnetic exposures; these findings are not nullified by research which fails to find effects. To claim that the ‘weight of evidence’ does not support these effects (even if it were true) is misleading. To infer that this means no precautions are needed is illogical and non-scientific.”

Mary Redmayne, Ph.D., Department of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine, Monash University, Australia

What are some of these proven bio-physiological effects? The appeal to the United Nations lists them as follows;

  • Increased cancer risk
  • Cellular stress
  • Increase in harmful free radicals
  • Genetic damage
  • Structural and functional changes of the reproductive system
  • Learning and memory deficits
  • Neurological disorders
  • Negative impacts on general well-being in humans
  • Harmful effects to plant / animal life

United by 5G

It appears the main uniting factor between the nations is the global push for 5G without concern for our health. As the governments, health organizations and corporations have united in this disregard for humanity, so too could we unite in a common goal of opposition.

5G and the Internet of Things (IoT) pose an immediate threat to the human race and planet Earth. Negative health effects from 2G & 3G tech have been proven. So have negative bio-physiological effects from 5G. What will be the result of stacking these signals on top of each other and exposing humans to this radiation for 24 hours per day, seven days per week?

A cover-up of 5G health risks

This has happened before. Take a look at the asbestos industry. For decades the negative health effects were denied by corporations and ignored by government. Exposed workers in manufacturing and mining involving asbestos died en mass. The use of asbestos in many common products from house paint to floor tiles has produced a ripple effect of disease that is apparent to this day.

Imagine if 100% of the world’s population was exposed to asbestos 24 hours per day for those decades that reality was ignored. This is what we face with 5G. The health risks are proven yet ignored by governments and industry. We are about to subject the human race to constant exposure of harmful radiation. Actually, we already have.

Stopping 5G and it’s health risks

Speak with your dollar and stop 5G in it’s tracks. The 5G infrastructure is being implemented to support the IoT. By doing all of the following we can limit our exposure and withdraw our consent and support of 5G;

  • Do not buy or use “smart” tech, including phones or tablets. If using smart phones do not use WiFi or keep the phone on your person
  • Do not use WiFi in your home or business. Use wired connections and turn the WiFi on your modem off
  • Do not work jobs installing 5G infrastructure
  • Speak up and speak out. Share links and information with people you know
  • Do not allow the installation of “smart” appliances or meters in or on your property

In closing, remember to be smart, not buy smart tech. Take your health and safety into your own hands. Governments have definitely dropped the ball… if they ever had it.

Be smart, be safe and be free everyone.

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