EMF & RF Exposure – Get Up To Speed!

We all love our cellphones and WiFi. Guess what? Most of our favorite tools and toys emit electromagnetic and/or radio frequencies (EMF’s or RF”s for short). EMF & RF frequencies may be one of leading causes of cancer in the world. Due to this fact, educating ourselves and limiting exposure is a must.

The Body Electric is a very well written and easy to read union of research from the point of view of Robert Becker M.D. It is an amazing intro to all of the subjects required to develop a basic understanding of the reality of EMF and RF radiation and therefore a must read.

I highly recommend reading this book because of it’s holistic approach to EMF’s and RF exposure. Upon completion of this book, you should have a general understanding of the following;

  • Electromagnetic and radio frequencies
  • The relations of the above to human biology
  • Potential negative effects from radiation
  • Frequencies and radiation types that have the most effect on human biology
  • How the science and medical establishment review and determine the validity of studies and data

In this tech age the info in this book should be common knowledge. As a result of the shortfalls of our education systems, the onus is on us to educate and protect ourselves and our families.

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Upon finishing this book, I definitely had more questions than answers. Seems like big business and governments alike do not want this info exposed.

There is tons of free info out there! I recommend taking the time to learn more about EMF’s. If you would like more info on EMF and RF radiation sources and solutions, be sure to check out our free Information Library!

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