EMF Effects Backed By Many Qualified Experts

Many of us are not educated when it comes to EMF exposure. There is an abundance of scientific data related to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) and their role in bodily functions. There is also plenty of research proving the potential for EMF’s to cause harm. Because of this, it is important to know how EMF’s can relate to negative health effects. Is this an intentional oversight by our government? Despite evidence of safety risks they continue to install our new 5G tech infrastructure.

EMF Effects Have Been Studied

Studies that have shown negative health effects from EMF radiation exposure have been available for decades. Results presented to financially exploited peer review boards are usually discredited without any real scientific challenge. What would I consider to be a real scientific challenge? How about conducting the same experiment to disprove the reported results? The fact that an in-depth study backed by extensive research and data can be dis-proven based on opinion is unfortunate evidence of the level of corruption within the scientific community.

Speaking Out On EMF Effects

Some are fighting this corruption and laying it all on the line: their careers, credibility, livelihoods and even very lives are at risk yet still they speak up and speak out. Someone who has worked their whole lives to specialize in a field would not put it all on the line for some unproven pseudo-science.

Evidence of the potential for physical harm from the types of frequencies we are currently exposed to is not hard to come by. Furthermore, I would say that even the potential for harm would be reason to cease expansion and thoroughly research this technology. At the very least.

But not our tech-savvy leaders! On they march towards freeing humanity from slow YouTube streams and bad cell reception… Without considering the safety of the public they so valiantly serve.

Information On EMF’s

Check out this letter, written by Beatrice Alexandra Golomb, MD, PhD. and do your own research. Finally, opt out of harmful technology and legislation. Check out our information page and and affiliate store. Stay informed and stay safe!

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