• Your Home Is Your Castle

    Protect yourself from trespassing technology and dangerous levels of EMF's

  • Reducing EMF Exposure Results In More Freedom

    Unplugging and taking conscious control of your immediate environment is empowering and leads to positive life changes

  • Rise Above The Norm & Become Informed

    The negative effects of EMF's and other forms of radiation have been proven for decades, do your own research and weigh the evidence yourself

Basic EMF Facts & Information Everyone Should Know

Get up to speed on electromagnetic frequencies, safe exposure levels and how you can protect yourself.

When & Why Should I Book An EMF Detective?

Certain circumstances may call for a professional evaluation or very expensive testing equipment for accurate readings. Get some info on why hiring a detective may be right for you.

Amazing Products For Personal Protection

Exposure to EMF frequencies is inevitable. Protect yourself and your family with some of these great products! Just one of the ways to stay safe and healthy.

Taking The Time To Properly Research Is Key

Find links, books and other resources to bring you up to speed on EMF's and the current global reality. Find out how you can make a difference.

Get In Touch With The In-Power Movement!

You Have The Power To Change The World!

The folks at Inpower have really gone above and beyond in the cause for freedom from trespassing technology and the battle for Human Rights and Freedom. Learn more and join today!

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We take pride in the fact that our career choices are focused on improving the world around us! By supporting us and our affiliates you not only help yourself and the ones you love, you support companies that care. Thanks!

Book your professional EMF Evaluation today!

Get the opinion of a pro!

A Professional EMF Evaluation of your current or future property or place of business is an excellent way to provide yourself with the information necessary to take the right steps towards protecting yourself and the ones you care about.

EMF Protection – Educate, Mitigate, Fight Back.

With the blatant oversights by the governments of the world regarding EMF protection and health concerns,

EMF & RF Protection – At No Cost

EMF & RF protection and mitigation does not have to be expensive, difficult or inconvenient. In

5G Health Risks

5G health risks are many and have been proven in scientific studies. Get your facts straight

EMF Health Risks

Many studies have been published siting the various EMF health risks we face daily. Modern technology

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Educate Yourself & Get The Facts

Education is the first step towards protecting yourself and making a difference

Detect & Mitigate Unsafe Levels of EMF's

An evaluation of your current environment will allow you to take decisive action

Protect Yourself & Your Family

Government & corporations do not have your safety in mind. Be your own security

Naturopathic Doctor Recommended

Exposing and reducing EMF exposure is recommended by many ND's & NP's

Reduce Exposure, Not Standard Of Living

Mitigating EMF's does not require living in the stone age and results in more freedom

Be A Part Of The Conversation

Sharing information with others is the most effective way to improve the world

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